Healthy Living with Essene Wolf was chosen in Top 100 Holistic Nutrition Resources Online!


Healthy Living with Essene Wolf was chosen to be on a list of 100 Top Holistic Nutrition Resources Online was just published on Everyone’s seen the ads for the latest diet fad or juice cleanse that is supposed to make your skin glow, your waistline shrink, and your life long and fulfilling, but it takes more […]

Welcome to the next phase of your life!

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With holistic food and nutritional life coach Essene Wolf and The Essene Way of Life, you can start living happier, healthier and more holistically…right now. Many people today struggle with losing weight, curing health issues and eating healthy. At the root of the issue is knowing what foods are good for your body, where to […]

Kale Chips for a snack-on-the-go

Kale Chips

Being creatures of habit we all tend to eat our favorite foods over and over again-with that said, there can be too much of a good thing.  When we eat the same foods, our body gets the same nutrients, over and over.  In time, we can develop food sensitivities or even food intolerances. As summer […]

Holistic Baby Health

Holistic Baby Health

As a husband, new father and practicing baby health guru, Essene Wolf has applied his holistic approach to nutrition and healthy lifestyles to help new dads and moms make healthy decisions for their babies. Find the right Holistic Baby Health plan for you and your family. And follow Essene at his “Daddy Baby Blog” as […]